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    How to write TAFPro Java test scripts without RFT

    This topic describes the new features of TAFPro 5.0 that allow you to write pure Java test scripts to use popular third party testing tools without the need for RFT.

    TAFPro 5.0 has been tested with the following third party testing tools:

    • Seleniun 2.0 and later
    • AutoIT
    • experitest SeeTest
    • Robot Framework

    TAFPro 5.0 has also been tested with each of the following Java IDE’s:

    • Eclipse
    • intelliJ IDEA
    • jDeveloper
    • NetBeans

    TAFPro 5.0 continues to work with IBM Rational Functional Tester in the same way it always has if you choose that option.

    All TAFPro’s normal features continue to be available, such as:

    • TAFPro’s easy data management features
    • test execution, filtering and scheduling
    • reporting and emailing of results
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