Testing Services

TestPro provides specialist testing services for most established Enterprise software systems. Our expertise in this area is unrivaled by our competitors who can only offer generic test services.

Automation of functional testing requirements is a task that is easy to underestimate. Typically it requires a significant investment in effort and time for any individual project.

The key benefit of automated testing is to increase test efficiency and reduce test maintenance so that testing becomes repeatable, fast and less intensive.

We are able to provide both the competency and an automation framework for you. Furthermore we can optimally implement automation and see a quick ROI.

Let us Demonstrate the Power of Automation to your Business Today

We can provide skills across the entire testing spectrum, including Test Leads, Automation Specialists, Performance Specialists and Test Analysts.

Proof-of-concept engagements (POCs) are an excellent, low-risk, way to prove how TAFPro framework with RFT or Selenium could change the way you work. Typically lasting from 4-8 days a POC engagement enables you to do something previously thought impractical or impossible, or it may simply increase the efficiency with which a common task can be performed.

In general these engagements will focus on specific features with maximum potential impact for your business, and they will aim to deliver a demonstration system you can use to make an informed evaluation of TestPro’s proposed approach.

TestPro recognize that each engagement is unique, and a POC provides your business with the opportunity to get customized first hand knowledge and experience of TestPro’s approach to automated testing; whilst minimising both the risk to your business, and interruption to its operations.

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