TAFPro data entry for EIPP Collection Tool for CYFS

Child, Youth and Family Support (CYFS) is an early intervention program funded by the NSW government. Family and Community Services (FACS) funds non-government organisations and local councils to deliver CYFS services across NSW.

Every year, these non-government organisations or local councils have to complete the Early Intervention & Placement Prevention (EIPP) Data Collection tool for CYFS to provide the relevant information to FACS for funding approval. This can often be a very lengthy process, requiring compilation and coordination to collect all the physical forms completed by clients and councillors and then enter this information into the EIPP Data Collection tool.

TestPro provides an easy, off the shelf product that completes all the required data entry into the EIPP tool in a fraction of the time it would take a physical person to complete the task. Using the TestPro Automation Framework (TAFPro) and the EIPP Tool Automation Package, customers can now complete data entry in moments.

A set of 200 complete records containing client information can be uploaded into the EIPP Data Collection tool and validated against base data in less than 2 hours. The automated data entry also provides a report at the end to show successful data entry as well as pin pointing any failures that may have occurred and need remediation

TAFPro ensures complete and validated data entry providing peace of mind and saving hours of error prone manual data entry which can be tedious and boring.

The automation simply requires a dedicated PC to run the automation. By purchasing the TAFPro tool and the EIPP Tool automation package, the automation can be up and running in a couple of hours. Contact Support for additional information today or purchase the TAFPro and EIPP Tool automation package now.