Use Selenium for Pure Java Test Scripting

With TAFPro Version 5.0 you now have the benefit of pure Java test scripting without the dependency on the installation of IBM Rational Functional Tester. This allows TAFPro to be used with popular third party Java testing tools such as Selenium in their native form without Rational Functional Tester. TAFPro Version 5.0 has also been tested with each the four big Java IDE’s which gives customers further choice.

TAFPro will continue to work with Rational Functional Tester in the normal way, it’s up to you to choose which testing technologies you want to use while installing TAFPro. TAFPro will also work with many other third party tools, not just the ones we have initially qualified.

Get all the benefits of TAFPro architecture and the TAFPro test design principles now available for use with Selenium and a great range of Java third party testing tools.

Third Party Testing Tools

     Selenium 2.0
    experitest SeeTest

Java IDE’s

    intelliJ IDEA