TAFPro Azure Offer

TAFPro is now available in the Microsoft Marketplace. You can access the TAFPro product for 1 month using a Microsoft Azure account on an Azure server*.

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is found at the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure Testing Server is a prebuilt “test execution server” provides preinstalled and configured automated test software, ready to simply use standalone for authoring, build and execute suites.

This server comes complete with these software packages as ready to use automated test authoring and execution:

  • Selenium Java
  • Robot Framework
  • AutoIt with AutoItX for Java
  • Eclipse Java IDE
  • TAFPro (both server and agent components)

Each test automation solution is configured for use either standalone or within the TAFPro execution management solution. The server can also extend your existing build and execution frameworks to run your tests.

TAFPro provides test execution management for continuous testing as an extension of your build engine. Suites of tests are authored and configured into TAFPro’s execution engine. As each additional TAFPro execution agent comes online it connects to the TAFPro database and executes any available test which are triggered as “ready for execution”.

This execution engine is triggered by your build engines (TFS, Jenkins, Hudson etc), creating a list of tests ready for execution from developers and testers. Each build can trigger multiple suites for different types of tests (unit, smoke, functional, regression, positive/negative combinations) and then as you scale the number of test execution agents, your suites of tests are executed in parallel, faster and more efficiently.

TAFPro is aligned to be executed for continuous testing from various agents like the Azure DevOps suites, Bamboo, Hudson or Jenkins. This makes it specifically designed as a continuous test engine, providing scale to execute all tests in parallel and return a single result to a build engine.

TAFPro can further be executed from test management tools like Zephyr, IBM Rational Quality Manager and Quality Centre.

TAFPro additionally provides unique data management options, to take existing automated tests and supply permutations and combinations of data to your tests. Testing coverage can be substantially increased by testing business logic with both positive and negative data sets. TAFPro provides sophisticated data filtering to target suites into different environments and allows your current automation to scale up with data. Using the data server (included), TAFPro can have multiple execution agents connected to a single data server

  • *Microsoft Azure account required. Microsoft Azure server charges apply. A Microsoft Free account can be created. TAFPro is free for the first 30 days.
  • To access the marketplace you must first obtain a Microsoft Azure subscription, and then log in to the marketplace with an email address associated with the subscription. Free trial subscriptions are also available ie. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-au/free/