TAFPro Benefits

The implementation of Test Automation is often under estimated. By purely focusing on a tool, clients often only realize short term gains limiting or even missing the return on investment. To maximize the benefits and return on investment in both the short and long of Automation Test Strategy clients should look beyond the short term horizon of the project. The implementation of a test automation tool should be accompanied by a framework of

    Role Structures
    Reporting (TAFPro)

Test Automation Framework (TAFPro) Benefits

Many clients look at the short term goal ‘the next test cycle’ or ‘the go live date’. Without addressing the framework the test tool becomes a onetime use where scripts too cumbersome to manage become out of date, maintenance becomes onerous and product knowledge gained in the initial impetus of the project is lost.

By taking a boarder view and supporting the test tool with a framework of procedures and methodologies the benefits of test automation will be realized both in the short term and beyond the life of the project.

TestPro has addressed the onerous effort in implementing a framework by embodying a Hybrid model framework into an off the shelf product, TAFPro. TAFPro combined with Rational Functional Tester and Selenium for Java scripting provides a readymade multiuser Automated Software Testing environment.

The benefits of implementing TAFPro with RFT and Selenium

TAFPro Data Management
     Rapid framework deployment
    Faster realization of returns
    Centralised storage of test assets
    Lower maintenance of test scripts through modularization and reuse
    Separation of duties with Business determining business scenarios and data, Automation Testers providing the build blocks to create them.
    Retention and reuse of test data assets
    Rapid and shared access of results
    Rapid drill down capabilities to triage errors
    Instant integration with your software development providing Continuous Build Test capability when used with Rational Functional Tester
    50+ man years of TestPro experience
    Support for popular Java based scripting tools such as Selenium
    A tier 1 fully supported scripting and execution engine in IBM RFT
    An award winning patented fully supported framework

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