RFT to Selenium Script Conversion

Introduction to what our offering is

Testpro offers conversion services to enable RFT Dynamic Find feature executing with Selenium WebDriver without having to rewrite the script. All referring RFT classes associated with the find() method are emulated by testpro-selenium.jar. No part of the RFT scripts is required user modification, except the objects that are managed by RFT Test Object Map.

The conversion service intakes a RFT script and its supporting RFT classes, converts it to a script which can be run with Selenium along with testpro-selenium.jar.

Below changes will be made to the RFT script by the conversion process:

    Replace RFT classes listed in the import statements with classes packaged up in testpro-selenium.jar.
    Change RFT script’s testMain() method name and signature
    Change dpString() to getData()

Pros of the migration using our jar

Although testpro-selenium.jar doesn’t cover all RFT classes, it does implement majority of them. RFT classes which are not implemented can be requested case by case.

If the RFT script use RFT Dynamic Find feature to locate all test objects, the converted script can run with Selenium and testpro-selenium.jar straight away without script alteration.

The converted script then can be run from TestPro Automation Framework (TAF), an automation framework provides test data management and test execution controls.

The converted script can also be run standalone in eclipse environment with one row of data specified in a csv file.

Limitations of our solution

The emulation cannot convert RFT Test Object Map, therefore any objects that are saved in Test Object Map need to be rewritten to selenium method calls.

Some not-so-often used RFT classes might not be covered by the emulation. This however can be implemented by request case by case.

In terms of locating webElements, the find() method looks exactly as RFT syntax in the converted script, however any new alteration to the script in Selenium syntax is perfectly fine and encouraged.

Below is the screenshot of a sample converted RFT script to Selenium script.