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    How to upgrade from a Trial license to a Full TAFPro license?

    This topic covers the following areas:

    1. Licensing changes
    2. Upgrading to Multi-user TAFPro
    3. Reconfiguring TAFPro for Multi-user
    4. Changing Database
    Licensing Changes

    To upgrade to the Full License version of TAFPro you will need to order and purchase a TAFPro Full License. You can do this on the TAFPro website at testingautomationframework.com

    Login to the TAFPro site with the username you registered when you downloaded the TAFPro Free version. On the menu click on “Pricing” to see the list of products. Select the “TAFPro Full License” product and add it to your cart. Create an order, and progress through the checkout to purchase the product.

    Once the order is complete review your order. You will be able to download the installation bundle “TAFPro-Full-Setup.zip”. Click the “Manage Licenses” link to create a new full license. Choose the “TAFPro Full License” product and enter the unique Machine ID that matches the target machine. When the license is generated it will be emailed to you.

    Upgrading to Multi-user TAFPro

    When the TAFPro Full License version download has completed, unzip the “setup.exe” program and run it. This will replace the TAFPro Trial version.

    Reconfiguring TAFPro for Multi-user

    Normally users will choose to create a new network hosted database for TAFPro (MySQL or SQLServer) and will configure TAFPro to point to that database. If you choose to recover work from the TAFPro Single User Trial then this can be done where the new database is also MySQL. Backup and recover your trial database (tafdb) into the new hosted database. Then, create a new environment in TAFPro and import from the single user “local” environment into the new shared environment.

    When you change database as part of a TAFPro Multi-user installation then the database configuration changes. The RFT Project Setup utility will then need to be run again to publish the change to TAFPro database configuration to RFT.

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