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    How to start using the TAFPro Single User Trial

    This topic covers the following areas:

    1. Which version of TAFPro should I get?
    2. Getting the Setup Wizard
    3. Installing Pre-requisite Software
    4. Using the Pre-requisite Setup Wizard
    5. Obtaining a TAFPro License
    6. Installing the TAFPro Single User Trial
    Which version of TAFPro should I get?

    There are two versions of TAFPro, the Single User Free Trial version and the Multi User Full Licensed version. We recommend that you start with the 30 day Free Trial to make sure that you can install and run the pre-requisite software. Using the Free Trial version will help you to understand the powerful benefits of TAFPro.

    Getting the Pre-requisite Setup Wizard

    The Pre-requisite Setup Wizard for the TAFPro Single User Trial is available from the Home page of the TAFPro website (testingautomationframework.com). On the home page click on the icon labelled “Try TAFPro – Download your free TAFPro trial today”, this takes you to the “Are You Ready” page.

    At the bottom of the “Are you Ready?” page is the button labelled “Download Free TAFPro Trial”. Click this button to download the ZIP file “TAFPro-Checker.zip”. Once downloaded, unzip the program “checker.exe” and run it on the target machine. This will get you stated with installing the Single User version of TAFPro, which is the Free Trial version of TAFPro.

    Installing Pre-requisite Software

    The Pre-requisite Setup Wizard will guide you to install any missing pre-requisite software. Visit the vendor’s website if required and obtain and install the pre-requisite software. Be sure to run the Pre-requisite Setup Wizard again once pre-requisite software has been installed in order to update required system variables.

    Using the Pre-requisite Setup Wizard

    The Pre-requisite Setup Wizard will ask you about pre-requisite software installations. The Wizard may ask you to point to the installation path of the software you have installed. The Wizard may also write system environment variables or amend the system path to ensure the pre-requisite software can be accessed.

    Obtaining a TAFPro License

    The final stage of the Pre-requisite Setup Wizard is the generation of the Machine ID. This is a unique ID for the target machine and is used as part of the license generation process. Please carefully annotate the Machine ID, write it down or cut and paste it into a document that you can refer to later.

    There are two versions of TAFPro, the Free Trial Version and the Full License version. Visit the TAFPro website at testingautomationframework.com and create an account by registering as a user. Now following the “Pricing” Menu to see the TAFPro License products that are available. Choose the “TAFPro Trial License” product and add it to the cart. the Trial License is a free product.

    View your cart and confirm that you are ordering the TAFPro Trial License for a zero dollar amount, then click the button “Proceed to Checkout”. At the checkout complete any additional address details and click the button “PLACE ORDER”.

    As this is a Free Trial License the order is fulfilled immediately with no payment required. Note your order number and note the link on the Order Details page to “Manage Licenses”. Click the “Manage Licenses” link to go to the Manage Licenses page.

    Select the “TAFPro Trial License” as the product. Refer to the Machine ID that you noted earlier at the end of the Pre-requisite Setup Wizard. Enter or paste one or more the Machine IDs in the text area of the page and click “Validate Machine IDs” to validate them. Correct any that are in error. The number of Machine ID’s must be less than or equal to the product item’s quantity.

    After the Machine IDs have been validated click on the “Generate Licenses” button. The page that follows is a summary of the license generation. Your license has a unique 13 digit ID that is recorded as part of the order details. The generated license file is emailed to you and included as an attachment. The license file name will include the Machine ID for which the license was generated. Match the correct license by it’s name to each machine for which a license was generated. Copy the license file to a folder on the target machine.

    On the TAFPro website review the order via the “My Accounts / Order History” page. The TAFPro Single User download bundle is now available for you to download.

    Installing the TAFPro Single User Trial

    Download the “TAFPro-Trial-Setup.zip” file from the “Order Details” page and unzip the file “setup.exe”. Run this program to setup the TAFPro Single User version.

    Run TAFPro and nominate the location of the license file that was emailed to you earlier. TAFPro is now ready to use.

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